iLead Session 4: School Vision & The NETS

Session Overview:
In Digital-Age Leadership, administrators play an essential role in determining how well technology is used in schools and how well children develop the skills to compete in a global economy. In this workshop participants will develop their vision of a 21st Century School and explore digital tools and resources that will help them share that vision with teachers.


  • Participants will review the power of Google Docs as an administrative and management tool.
  • Participants will align their 21st Century Vision statement to the (ISTE) standards for Administrators
  • Participants will create goals for their Technology Innovation Plan.
  • Participants will receive a LiveScribe Pen and learn its functionalities.

Class Description:

Practical Application: In this workshop participants will finalize a vision for 21st century school leadership and examine practical tools to start making that vision a reality. They will explore resources and tools that have a powerful impact on teaching and learning. Participants will get a LiveScribe Pen, book, and software. For this workshop, participants must bring their MacBooks to load the Livescribe software.

Class Outline: (Time:Activity/Assignment)

9:00-9:15(15 min):
Welcome & Introductions

Why do we need to upgrade our vision for the this century?

Google Docs For Management
Google Docs is like Microsoft Office but online, accessible from anywhere, and much easier to share.

1 .What can you do with Google Docs?
  • Create and Share Documents
  • Edit your documents
  • Organize your documents
  • Upload existing files
  • Publish your documents online
2. Advantages:
  • Group collaboration
  • Backed-up automatically
  • See every revision that's been made
  • Collaborate with your staff
3. Review :
  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Forms/ Surveys
  1. Gather data
  2. Inventory
  3. Teacher Survey
  4. Peer review
  5. Parent feedback
Tutorial on How to create forms.
  • Create a Google form
  • Share and critique with a partner

9:45- 10:15(30 min):
Review Leading and Learning in 21st Century Schools

Brainstorming Activity:
Sample Scenario:
Imagine that you have been approached to apply for a half million dollar grant. You need to have a vision and plan ready.
Your vision should include what you want, why you want it, how would you use it and the impact it would have on your student achievement.
You need to have 3 to 4 short term and long term goals.
Are you ready?
What will your plan include?
Discuss sample short term goals and long term goals.

10:15-10:30 (15 min.): Break / Individual assistance

10:30 - 11:45 (75 min)
Design your vision of a 21st Century School
Review National Educational Plan
NETS For Administrators
  • What would work in your school? What would not work? Why?
o //Leader Behaviors Supporting Effective Technology Integration//
o View sample Technology Vision Statements
o Design your Technology Innovation Plan (template)
o Enter your TIP in Google doc spreadsheet
o Share Technology Innovation Plan
o Sample Technology Integration Plan
  • Discussion: How will you sustain the work?

11:45 - 12:45 (60 min): Lunch/Individual Assistance

12:45 - 2:45 (120 min)

  • IV. Innovative Tools Time -- Livescribe Pen


external image empty.png Smartpen Introductory Training.ppt

external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation.png Pulse Smartpen Introductory slides.pptx

  • Benefits :
    • Facilitate sharing of best practices among your staff using "Pencasts"
    • Maintain accurate records of classroom behavior and participation
    • Create an asynchronous solution for peer mentoring relationships
    • Simplify data collection to obtain a balanced portfolio of oral, written, graphical, and other measures
    • Education Example: Classroom Walk Through Observation Form

  • Out of the box :

    • Pen
    • Notebook
    • Loading the software
    • Synching the pen
    • Setting up online account
    • Recording
    • Downloading
    • Play back
    • Sharing notes

  • What is a smartpen? How is it being used in education?

    1. It has to be turned on to capture writing
    2. To capture audio you have to press record and the audio is attached to the writing
    3. The pen does not recognize handwriting, it records based on how you are rolling over the dots
    4. Each pen can capture 200 hours of audio and 3200 pages of writing
    5. Earbuds: Why would it be advantageous to use the ear buds?
      • Don’t have to be worn in hear, can be draped around shoulders
      • Filtering mechanism to adjust to the size of the room – setting for lecture hall will filter out ambient noise.
      • Higher quality sound with the earbuds – stereo. Without earbuds device records in mono
      • 2 settings – lecture hall & conference room

        • Page settings – bottom of dot paper pages
        • 1. Navigation bar – cross hair
        • 2. Record/pause/stop -
        • 3. Other icons are how you manipulate audio files after they are created

          • Jump button 10 sec forward, 10 sec back
          • Scroll bar – session controls
          • Play back speed – great for ELLs , slow down, neutral, speed up
          • Bookmarks controls scroll through bookmarks

        • A teacher would use an external speaker to play for the whole class – pen adapter .79 at radio shack 3.5 – 2.5 adapter
        • Teachers can also cut out squares and attach them to word walls so students can listen to the words.
        • Anything can be printed right on the dot paper but each paper is unique
          • only the notes and audio will be recorded, not the outline that was printed on the paper

  • Livescribe and the iPad
    • Pencast App
    • pencasts can be accessed on the ipad - replay
    • Livesribe desktop view
      • green has audio
      • black is just writing
      • search - allows you to search for specific words or names
      • custom notebook - add or move pages from other notebooks

Nets for Admin: 21 Things For 21st Century Administrators
PLP Blog Post: Principal 2.0-Become the Lead Learner
Sample of Model 21st Century Schools: Vision Leadership
Sir Ken Robinson video: RSA Animate-Changing Education Paradigms -
Blog - Scott McLeod: Dangerously Irrelevant :Technology, Leadership and the Future of Schools
National Educational Technology Plan 2010
NY Times Article: Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction
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